Hi, and welcome to TechBubble.org! We are a team of writers, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts from the San Francisco Bay Area, and our goal is twofold:

  1. Report unbiased information on what’s happening in the world of tech (particularly in terms of company fundraising and valutations), in Silicon Valley and around the world
  2. Bring fresh perspectives in opinion pieces on major tech events, new products, venture capital deals, angel investors, fundraising, and tech company valuations

With that multi-pronged goal in mind, we do our best to clarify what is opinion versus fact, and always lay out the facts first.

We highly recommend reading our primer on the definition of a tech bubble and the way we often hear the term used in today’s parlance. It will give you an idea of our perspective on the state of things.

Also check out our sister site on the history of tech boom and bust cycles, detailing the first major dot-com boom and bust in 2001.

In today’s rapidly advancing world of agile development, ‘fail fast,’ and frothy venture capital markets, we certainly do not aim to write on every start up’s latest fundraising round or every app’s beta version 0.2 launch, but we will bring the important developments to the table. We promise we won’t ignore the next iPhone launch, and we certainly won’t hesitate to drop a few Steve Jobs references. RIP. Hopefully the content will speak for itself, and we will all have a better-informed view on whether the cultural and geographic Silicon Valley bubble has truly contributed to a financial tech bubble or not.

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